Is Television still an Effective form of Advertising?

When radio was invented, many people must have predicted doom for newspapers, just as most of us wrongly foresaw the extinction of television with the advent of digital media. No one knows what is in store for us in a decade or two. No one can deny the growing influence of social media, online advertising and new digital media such as streaming services. However, none of these developments have been able to dent the effectiveness of advertising on television. Even today, people pick up reliable newspapers for their daily dose of current affairs. Print, radio and television have coexisted for almost eight decades now, rather harmoniously and in a mutually beneficial way. Now we are seeing television or old media coexist with new media, often in a mutually beneficial manner.


There is a dedicated television audience that still does not rely on or fully explore digital media. Sponsored ads, promotional posts and various organically placed advertisements in the virtual world do not generate as much traction as a prime-time television commercial does. Nothing builds a brand and instills confidence in the consumers as commercials on television, not streaming services or digital television but the good old traditional box or flat panel nowadays with scheduled programming.


Why is New Media advertising on Old Media?


Have you come across advertisements of Netflix shows and movies on television? You must have. Every worthwhile service, from Roku to Hulu to Apple TV, is spending big bucks on commercials. If digital media was so omnipresent and omnipotent, then new media would not have needed to rely on television to promote itself. Truth is, when it comes to viewership and trust, nothing trumps television.


Live Events are still a Rage


An average adult in the United States watches around thirty-three hours of television every week. A majority of that is dedicated to sporting events. There are very few programs in any form of media that can match the excitement of catching a live event with family and friends, be it at home or at a bar. Events like Super Bowl draw over a hundred million viewers, which are still used as a medium for lawyers to advertise on. Imagine a hundred and twenty million people or more watching live television, at the same time all around the country. Now imagine the impact a commercial can have if it is aired strategically during such prime-time galas. Streaming services do not have any real time collective viewing unless a video on demand has a time bound broadcast or availability. From the Oscars to the Grammys, Emmys to the various sporting extravaganzas, television is still the de-facto medium for live events.


Limited Attention Span of the Young, Viewing Habit of the Old


The younger generations have an alarmingly low attention span. Does anyone remember the last online advertisement they may have seen, willfully or otherwise? But most people will remember some of the commercials they have watched on television, including San Joaquin County DUI Attorneys. Television will also remain relevant in years to come as the older generations are not that much into digital media. It is the more mature audience that watches more television and are likely to make buying decisions based on the commercials. They also have more purchasing power than the millennial or subsequent generations.